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401(k) Safety in Volatile Markets

2016 has arrived and with the calendar changing, it brought an unfortunate bang. Markets have seen increased volatility since the calendar year ended, with the S&P 500 Index dropping more than 7.5% in the first 10 trading days. This volatility can leave many investors worried about losing money in their 401(k)’s, especially those close to […]

Debt and Growth Concerns Overshadow Budget Success

The good news that the U.S. budget deficit is lower than before the 2008 financial crisis has taken a backseat to concerns about economic growth and the nation’s debt load. Of particular concern are the costs set to rise later this decade from an increase in health care spending and retirement benefits for baby boomers. […]

How Low Can They Go?

The 10-year U.S. Treasury yield dropped from its 2015 peak of 2.5%, recorded in June, to below 2% in Wednesday’s afternoon trading as a result of poor U.S. economic data coupled with increased worries over a slowdown in China. As a concern, U.S. retail sales only rose 0.1% last month, compared to forecasted estimates of […]

Softening Demand

U.S. corporate-bond issuance in 2015 is up 15% from the prior year; however, on Monday, three large investment-grade rated companies put off planned bond sales as a result of soft investor demand. Many investors are currently worried about the pace of global economic growth mainly stemming from lower than expected growth in China coupled will […]

Treasuries rally amidst turmoil

While equity markets saw the worst start to September in the past 13 years, U.S. government bonds became most investors’ safe haven. With crude oil prices selling off, China’s manufacturing figures falling to its lowest level in 3 years, and the U.S. manufacturing index declining from July to August, it is no wonder why investors […]

Bond markets fighting the Fed

The Federal Reserve has indicated numerous times throughout the year that they feel the economy is stable enough to support an increase in interest rates. In anticipation of this increase, with some speculation it could happen as early as September, short-term Treasury yields have started moving higher. However, yields on longer-term debt, such as the […]

New Tax Policy – Transfer of Assets

Time Sensitive Information August 4, 2015 The U.S Department of Treasury Office of Tax Policy recently commented  that they are about to release new regulations regarding IRC 2704 which could contain provisions severely limiting the ability to take valuation discounts on transfers of assets  between family members or family entities. A very common estate planning […]

Q2 2015 Commentary

At Halftime, the Consumer Needs Water and Rest June 30th marked the end of the second quarter and first half of 2015, a period in which the US equity market finished up marginally and the bond market was basically flat. These modest returns belie the extraordinary financial, economic, and geopolitical activity around the world since […]

Japan Who? Watch out for China’s Mounting Debt

Even though China beat forecasts in Q2, its debt levels have grown at an alarming pace. Outstanding loans for households and companies were at a record 207% of GDP at the end of June which beat analysts’ forecasts in the second quarter, the country’s debt levels have increased at an even faster pace. Outstanding loans […]