Where Would The Financial News Media Be Without Panic and Euphoria?

Global equity markets were off to a rough start in 2016 with U.S., Chinese and European markets all suffering significant losses. As usual, the financial media exacerbated the downturn by using words like “panic” which may have resulted in some ordinary investors heading for the exits rather than staying the course. Similarly, ordinary investors shouldn’t react with complete euphoria if record gains were posted rather than a selloff. Either way, it’s important to avoid myopia, stay level headed and think long term. The problem is that this kind of sensible investment advice is too boring for the financial media. It’s far more exciting interviewing two market pundits with polar opposite viewpoints who love to prognosticate about market direction. Much of this advice is a waste of time, but, if followed, could be extremely detrimental to ordinary investors. Ordinary investors should spend more time getting advice on tackling real financial challenges and less time fixated on the day to day gyrations of their investment portfolios.1

Source: The Atlantic